The New World

Act0: They meet!

Testing-out the new characters.

The group gathered to generate characters and backstories. Most of these will be in the characters’ individual pages, but to take the new powers out for a test-spin, we went through a quick encounter.

Attack on the capital’s streets

Alliassandro the 14th is amazed to see a drow on the streets of the capital, and rushes over to him. After insulting Timothy a couple times, the two and Girness meet. While Alliassandro gushes over seeing a real life dark elf, just like the kind that kills children and steals babies, he manages to catch a dragonborn cut-purse in the act. As the thief runs, Alliassandro makes a booming arcane reprimand to scare off the thief, while Timothy uses his cutting wit to knock the brigand down a peg.

Unfortunately, the theft was only a diversion, as a crowd of human thugs, another dragonborn, and a human mage attack the group while their attention is turned. These new foes seem especially focused on Alliassandro, although happy to attack any who are associated with him.

Orren stumbles out of a bar, vaguely recognizing Girness and ‘leaping’ to her aid (in a drunken meander). The party fights surprisingly well together, as Timothy and Girness dispatch the men on the ground, while Orren knocks-out two thugs and has an embarassing run-in with a grappling-hook distracts the mage long enough for Alliassandro to burn him to death.

Loot: 100gp.


The group has a ‘discussion’ with the two thugs, playing bad-cop/super-bad-cop. They manage to discern that the group was sent after Alliassandro by “The Dwarf”, who seems intimidating, but little else is learned about him. Orren breaks the finger of one of the thugs, causing some sort of system shock, killing the man out-right! Timothy realizes that these men are propelled by some sort of arcane enhancement, helping them gain what little martial prowess they have, but at serious cost to their health and stability. The remaining thug holds-out a while longer, before finally biting down on some device, releasing a poisonous cloud, killing himself instantly.

It’s clear that whoever sent these thugs after Alliassandro will harm anyone who gets in his way, be they bystander or even his own hirelings. After their public battle, the entire party will certainly be recognized as obstacles to this mysterious dwarf’s plans.


A few clarifications: Alleassandro was running from someone when he ran into Timothy. It’s not clear whom he was running from. (He wouldn’t say). Also, the mage died from the fall off the building after being pulled off. (This is unimportant, I only mention it because it is slightly more bad-ass than simply immolating him. :) )

Act0: They meet!

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