The New World

Session3: Gobblin' goblins

Investigating the Terror Claws

Our heroes scouted-out the goblin camp, finding a chaotic mess. Goblins everywhere, as the Terror Claws experienced unfettered growth in the new world, knocking down trees or anything else that got in their path.

The party succeeded so easily at gathering intel while avoiding detection, they were able to ambush a group of goblin scouts patrolling the perimeter. Unfortunately, the heroes’ own version of “divide & conquer” left them spread throughout a field of overturned logs. They eventually defeated the goblins and their wolves, but only after a long struggle.

Examining the bodies after, Alliessandro notices that the head to one goblin-caster’s staff continues to glow after its owner has fallen. Removing the sphere from the crude stick the creature had attached it to, he finds an orb that glows with a milky white light.

The other caster carried with him two large, red, thick-skinned berries. Gurnis recognizes the healing properties these berries possess, and shares her knowledge with the party.

Of course there were also a few coin-purses that these goblins would no longer need. Between all the goblins, they find 100gp in coin and two silver ingots. Eurig estimates that the silver are each 50gp each.

The Water Spirit

Ingnig Nok’s delivery service

Eurig’s Letter

Orren plays at cards



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