The New World

Session2: I'm (or used to be) on a boat!

The party is on the Unfortunate Circumstance, captained by Captain Howler. They are attacked by a giant squid, and heroically fended it off, but at the loss of the ship.

The Unfortunate Circumstance

They’re washed ashore, and make their way to the colony.Orren gets drunk (at high cost) at the Busty Wenches, run by the entrepreneurial Angra Maclass and Argnes Maclass. Meanwhile the rest of the party meets with Governor Rolando and hears of the various quests that would help the colony.

Hunter Meika refused to help, so the party went off to investigate the pilgrims and the goblins. Akim seemed happy to see them, but his wife Imac pushed them off. Eurig snuck-up after and heard a bit of their discussion, as Imac revealed that she held some secret.

As the evening drew to a close, the party discovered the trail towards the goblin horde, and went of to investigate.



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